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Install profils bug

By Henry, Gilyd @Henry_Gilyd
    2020-03-04 10:22:30.928Z

    I have installed stream deck and the soundflow custom profil to work with it. It works fine, but every time I go from on profile to soundflow profile i get a tick box asking to install Preconfigured profiles from soundflow. Is there a fix for this ??


    Solved in post #2, click to view
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    1. Hi Henry,

      Please see this discussion thread for troubleshooting advice on this:

      The important things are:

      • Don't use "Default" profiles in the Stream Deck editor
      • Don't manually assign an application to the SoundFlow Full Screen profile
      • Don't rename the SoundFlow Full Screen profile.

      In short - follow the instructions in this article to the point, and it should work fine: