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Soundflow 4.2 new Deck on the computer screen imprisoning ProTools

By Kjartan Kjartansson @Kjartan_Kjartansson
    2021-02-26 15:27:43.906Z

    Soundflow 4.2 new Deck on the computer screen imprisoning ProTools

    System Information

    SoundFlow 4.2.0

    OS: darwin 18.7.0

    ProductName: Mac OS X
    ProductVersion: 10.14.6
    BuildVersion: 18G8022

    Steps to Reproduce

    1. When SF activates a Deck as ProTools is active
    2. The Deck is a floating window that does not allow me to interact with the mouse on the ProTools menus.

    Expected Result

    Being able to use ProTools as I do normally.

    Actual Result

    Can not interact with ProTools normally


    Turn off Soundflow since I can´t use it without activating a Deck

    Other Notes


    User UID: erwtItjK9WXeSOXj3JWwbRSAWF82

    Feedback Key: sffeedback:erwtItjK9WXeSOXj3JWwbRSAWF82:-MUTwye1HtPVjANIkLZz

    Feedback ZIP

    Solved in post #6, click to view
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    1. Thanks for reporting, Kjartan.

      What is the name of the Deck that's causing this and which package is it in?
      Can you share us a screenshot of how the Deck looks - have you selected a Device for your Deck here?

      1. K

        I am away from my computer now.
        The Package is the only one in my profile called: Kjartan.
        The Deck is called: A Deck: ProTools.
        I have been using this Deck with Streamdeck, but I was kindly asked to upgrade to SF 4.2.
        And now a Deck is automatically showing up on my computer screen.
        (I did not ask for that).

        1. Thanks for the info. I have located the bug now and we're producing a fix asap.
          The workaround for now is to manually select your Device in the menu I showed above. But I expect we should have the fix out very soon.

          1. Please see here for more details on the workaround:

            We also have a new build out for internal testing now that should fix the issue:

            1. With version 4.2.1 the bug is gone. Thank you.

        2. K