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Updated both Ipad and Soudnflow app to 4.2. My custom surfaces will no longer load on either desktop or ipad. However the "Track data Ultities" surface that is from the store DOES still load. All surf

By Josh Bowman @Josh_Bowman
    2021-02-27 14:48:55.180Z

    Updated both Ipad and Soudnflow app to 4.2. My custom surfaces will no longer load on either desktop or ipad. However the "Track data Ultities" surface that is from the store DOES still load. All surfaces appear on the ipad but when i click them they do not load.

    System Information

    SoundFlow 4.2.0

    OS: darwin 19.6.0

    ProductName: Mac OS X
    ProductVersion: 10.15.7
    BuildVersion: 19H2

    Steps to Reproduce

    Expected Result

    Actual Result


    None so far

    Other Notes


    User UID: SPksUpAVkpdzZUxR3J82rOFQf6u1

    Feedback Key: sffeedback:SPksUpAVkpdzZUxR3J82rOFQf6u1:-MUYxfupYBGGbx9FYGrL

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    1. J
      Josh Bowman @Josh_Bowman
        2021-02-27 15:24:43.532Z

        Just wanted to add, this is the error that I get in the log when i try to launch my surface from the ipad

        27.02.2021 10:23:54.66 [Backend]: Received MobileDevice request from device mobile.2EEE8BF5-0863-48D0-A041-7063CDD87BD1--Joshua_s-iPad to open or create surface user:ckchpxcak0001rf109o4dvmrm:ckevj9ijp0000p910ace9af30

        1. Hi Josh,
          I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing this.
          Can you elaborate a bit on what happens when you try to open the surfaces? How does it look on your iPad when you do it? Are they just black, or does something else happen?
          And what happens if you press Open Surface on your Mac?
          Anything you can tell us will help, since we haven't heard this report before.

          Also, please let us know an example of a surface that doesn't load - which package and what surface should we be looking to repro with?

          1. In reply toJosh_Bowman:

            By the way a quick hint - the message you're showing here is completely normal, it's just an indication that a request was sent to open the surface, so this itself does not indicate an error.

            1. JJosh Bowman @Josh_Bowman
                2021-02-27 15:58:15.315Z

                Ah right, sorrry i think this is the actual error below? So, on my ipad, the surfaces i have created show up still, but when i hit the button on the ipad, nothing changes on the ipad. If i hit "Show surface" in the sound flow app on my computer, i get a log error that says "XXX Surface failed to load".

                So after investigating more, the only surface that will not seem to load is the one that i use the most that i made. In my account it is called " JB PROTOOLS IPAD SurfaceV1" if you are able to access it, or if there is away for me to share it w you let me know.

                27.02.2021 10:55:05.60 [Backend]: >> Command: JB PROTOOLS IPAD SurfaceV1 [user:ckchpxcak0001rf109o4dvmrm:ckevj9ijp0000p910ace9af30]
                Logging error in action (01) SurfaceOpenAction: Event 'show' command 'user:ckchpxcak0001rf109o4dvmrm:ckevidaf6000gsj10l1b897a0' is not found

                27.02.2021 10:55:05.96 [Backend]: !! Command Error: JB PROTOOLS IPAD SurfaceV1 [user:ckchpxcak0001rf109o4dvmrm:ckevj9ijp0000p910ace9af30]:
                Event 'show' command 'user:ckchpxcak0001rf109o4dvmrm:ckevidaf6000gsj10l1b897a0' is not found ( JB PROTOOLS IPAD SurfaceV1: Line 1)

                << Command: JB PROTOOLS IPAD SurfaceV1 [user:ckchpxcak0001rf109o4dvmrm:ckevj9ijp0000p910ace9af30]

                27.02.2021 10:55:11.79 [Backend]: [SF_FIREBASE_WS]: Sending keep-alive

                1. Hi Josh,

                  This is because you have assigned a command to the "On Show Command" property of the surface and potentially later have removed that command. This feature is only supported for SoundFlow Developers so you shouldn't have seen it in the first place.

                  I have removed the On Show Command reference now - please see if you can do that on all your oher surfaces that have errors.

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                  1. JJosh Bowman @Josh_Bowman
                      2021-02-27 16:08:10.496Z

                      Amazing, works! Was definitely a mistake on my end, probably checked a box when i was trying to get a handle on the surface feature at first and didn't know what i had done. Thank you SO MUCH!!! Your the best!

                      1. Yay :) Happy it was an easy fix!

              • N
                In reply toJosh_Bowman:
                Nacho @Nacho_Sotelo
                  2021-03-02 21:24:23.225Z

                  Hi @chrscheuer, Im having the same problem but I dont have anything assigned to the "On Show Command" or any of those options, updated both soundflow and soundflow apps to their latest version.

                  1. NNacho @Nacho_Sotelo
                      2021-03-02 21:47:51.329Z

                      Not sure what happened, I deleted and reinstalled the iPad App and its working now, something might have gone wrong with the update.

                      1. Great! Make sure to download 4.2.2 if you have any doubt or if you see the issue again. Otherwise, if it comes back, please report as a separate issue via the Help/Issue workflow.

                    • S
                      In reply toJosh_Bowman:
                      Seth @SDS
                        2021-03-03 18:10:11.595Z

                        Ran into the same issue this morning. Surfaces had been working fine prior to that. Could see them on the screen, but was unable to open any. Deleted the app and reinstalled and now working ok.