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Ability to Upvoting Ideas in the main area of the "Ideas" forum category

By Kitch Membery @Kitch2021-08-25 20:20:51.505Z

Hi @Magnus_Lindberg ,

I love the new implementation of upvoting thanks for adding it.

As a feature request... It would be great to have the option to upvote ideas by clicking the heart next to the thread in the main area of the "Ideas" forum category, as well as by clicking the heart inside the thread post.

ie This heart

Thanks again champion!
Rock on.

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    1. Christian Scheuer @chrscheuer2021-08-25 23:19:04.590Z2021-08-26 09:16:23.291Z

      Moved this to public Ideas category so @KajMagnus can follow :)

    2. K
      In reply toKitch:
        2021-08-27 06:49:12.783Z

        Hi @Kitch, I like this idea, in fact, that's how I had in mind to make it work, just didn't get to it yet :- )

        ( I'm just slightly "worried" that maybe people click the hearts sometimes, by mistake, without noticing. — At the same time, that's not the end of the world, and I suppose it's better that people can do that, than not. ... Hmm maybe if one clicks a heart, there could be a mini dialog with the text "Upvote this idea?", so they get to confirm by clicking "Yes", or "Cancel". The "Yes" button would then pop up just next to the heart, so they wouldn't need to move the mouse or finger a lot. — Or, maybe better wait with that extra confirmation dialog, until it's more clear if accidental Like upvotes is a problem or not, hmm )

        1. Kitch Membery @Kitch2021-08-27 08:44:33.638Z

          Hi @KajMagnus,

          I think that either implementation would be great. As long as you are not navigated away from the page. :-)

          Thanks, legend!

          1. In reply toKajMagnus:

            I had the same concern as you that directly clicking out in the list could mean people would not actually read the idea before they vote. But yea a little popup, maybe containing some summary of the original post, would be great!