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Stream Deck Troubleshooting

Setup guide

Have you read our Setup Guide for How to set up SoundFlow + Stream Deck?
We recommend you start there to make sure you get everything set up correctly.

Note, the instructions below are only necessary if you're using SoundFlow with the Stream Deck app.
If you use SoundFlow's direct integration, then there's no need for troubleshooting.

General Troubleshooting

Generally follow these rules to ensure that SoundFlow and Stream Deck play nice with each other.
These rules apply when you use decks designed inside SoundFlow.

  • Don't set a Default profile in Stream Deck
  • Don't assign any Application to the "SoundFlow Full Screen" profiles
  • Don't rename the "SoundFlow Full Screen" profiles or in any way edit them.
  • Make sure there is exactly one "SoundFlow Full Screen" profile per device, not 0, not 2+.
  • To improve stability: Don't use decks designed in the Stream Deck app. Only use decks designed in SoundFlow.

"Install Profiles" popup keeps coming up

The most likely cause is that you didn't follow the above rules in "General Troubleshooting". You can also read more in these posts:

There isn't one SoundFlow Full Screen profile per device

We need exactly one "SoundFlow Full Screen" profile per device - (called "SoundFlow Full Screen XL" on XL devices). You must not rename these profiles or delete them.
If you don't have the profiles, the easiest way to get them is by uninstalling your SF plugin and installing it again, choosing Yes to install profiles.

Using SoundFlow and Stream Deck with Stream Deck iOS app

Since SoundFlow 3.7, we now support using the iOS or Android app from Stream Deck.

Stream Deck resets every X seconds

Take a look here: