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Problem adding Batch Pass if any inactive tracks are selected

By Robin Newman @Robin_Newman2
    2022-11-18 16:30:04.066Z

    Just bounced a whole album in down-time and loved every minute of having no involvement in that ;-)

    However, I did have one minor gripe whilst setting up my bounces. In order to print multitracks with FX, returns, etc, I'm literally selecting every channel/instrument in my session and running a batch stem pass. In order to make it quicker to select the tracks for this pass, I'm selecting them via my VCA groups - often this means there will be some inactive tracks in the selection (where I've committed an instrument, etc). If I have inactive tracks selected then Bounce Factory throws an error, but not one which suggests what the problem is.

    So to cut a long story short, if there's a way to get Bounce Factory to ignore inactive tracks in the selection when it tries to add the batch pass, that would save me going through and deselecting the inactive ones.

    Again, thanks for the amazing work on this thing. It really has been a godsend.

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        2022-11-18 16:30:06.164Z

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        1. In reply toRobin_Newman2:
          Andrew Scheps @Andrew_Scheps
            2022-11-18 16:34:45.811Z2022-11-18 17:23:17.918Z

            Hi @Robin_Newman ,

            I'm glad it's making your life easier!

            Definitely sounds like a bug, but I'm not sure exactly where in the process it is happening or what error you're seeing. Could you send me User Files so I can have a look? (instructions here)


            1. In reply toRobin_Newman2:
              Andrew Scheps @Andrew_Scheps
                2022-11-18 22:31:51.579Z

                Hi @Robin_Newman2 ,

                I just tried making a batch and then bouncing with inactive tracks selected. While you can't solo an inactive track, so you get the full session, I didn't get an error message and the bounces completed. Looking forward to seeing your User Files so I can see what's going on.

                1. In reply toRobin_Newman2:
                  Robin Newman @Robin_Newman2
                    2022-11-19 14:19:09.748Z

                    Hi Andrew, thanks for looking into this. The error I get is

                    "19.11.2022 14:12:19.00 [Backend]: !! Command Error: Scheps Bounce Factory: Actions [user:cl6dk9zjy0000yr10za9c0mpe:cke4turvc0001k010amgczvia]:
                    TypeError: Cannot read property 'normalizedTrackName' of null
                    (Scheps Bounce Factory: Actions line 3617) "

                    Here are the user files -

                    If I deselect any tracks that are inactive & hidden then it opens the Add Batch window fine.

                    1. Andrew Scheps @Andrew_Scheps
                        2022-11-21 12:30:44.686Z

                        Ah, you hadn't mentioned they were hidden. That would definitely throw an error. If there's an easy way for me to skip hidden tracks I'll do it, but there may not be, in which case you'll just need to make sure none are selected. I'll keep you posted

                        1. In reply toRobin_Newman2:
                          Andrew Scheps @Andrew_Scheps
                            2022-11-21 14:45:23.744Z

                            There is a fix that will be in the next release. You will be warned if there are any Inactive or Hidden tracks when you try to add any sort of batch bounce passes and they will be removed from the selection. Until then just unselect manually.

                            Thanks for finding this!

                          • In reply toRobin_Newman2:
                            Robin Newman @Robin_Newman2
                              2022-11-21 21:46:56.373Z

                              Hi Andrew - sorry, I totally just spotted that I'd only said they were inactive and not hidden as well! That sounds like the perfect fix though, thanks. Anything to save me having to remember to remove those hidden/inactive tracks from my groups ;)