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Getting Help with Bounce Factory

By Andrew Scheps @Andrew_Scheps
    2022-06-05 13:05:30.078Z2022-11-18 16:33:06.385Z

    Here's a quick rundown of how to get help with Bounce Factory.

    There are different types of issues that can come up when using Bounce Factory. The best place to start to get them resolved is the Bounce Factory Forum (SoundFlow Forum). First search the forum to see if your question has already been answered. If not, start a new topic using the "Ask A Question" button.

    For the different types of issues you might be having, here are guidelines for your post to get the best help.

    1) Operation - Clarification on how to use Bounce Factory or how it works with the Snapshots you create:

    For these types of questions please give as much detail as possible about what it is you are trying to do, or would like clarification on. These posts can also be feature requests. Almost all of the features that have been added to Bounce Factory since the initial release have been started based on feedback from users! Also, don't forget about the walkthrough videos which you can open directly from the Template script in the Bounce Factory package, as well as this thread on the forum: Bounce Factory Important Concepts

    2) Errors - Bounce Factory isn't working the way you think it should, or you are getting errors:

    When Bounce Factory throws an error, or a task doesn't completely properly, start a new thread in the Bounce Factory forum. Please make the title as informative as possible and then give as much detail as you can in the post itself. Make it clear if it is a one-time issue or if it is reproducible. If reproducible please give me the steps I need to re-create your bug.

    Most importantly, please run the "Collect User Files" script in the Bounce Factory Package. This will create a zip file on your desktop. Upload it to a file sharing platform of your choice and then put the link in your forum post. Also, if it is reproducible, a screen recording can really help to make it clear what's happening, so if it's possible to take one please do!

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    1. In reply toAndrew_Scheps:
      Andrew Scheps @Andrew_Scheps
        2022-06-05 13:15:40.611Z

        Common setup issues with Bounce Factory:

        SoundFlow and Bounce Factory versions - Make sure you are on the latest! As of this post the latest SoundFlow version is 5.1.5 and the latest Bounce Factory release is 1.2.22. If you are ever in doubt as to whether the auto update is working for SoundFlow, you can go here to see the latest version available for download ( and the top of the Package window will show you latest version of Bounce Factory and whether you can update.

        Fullscreen Mode - Neither Pro Tools or SoundFlow can be running in Full Screen mode. It is fine to have either or both of their windows taking up the whole screen, just not the Full Screen mode which puts them in their own screen space.

        Language - You should be able to run your operating system in any language you want, but Pro Tools must be in English.

        Tool Tips - Tool tips must be enabled in Pro Tools

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