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Bounce factory crashes at 72% while rebuilding the PT window

By Bob Briessinck @Bob_Briessinck
    2023-01-12 16:10:43.368Z

    Bounce factory crashes at 72% while rebuilding the PT window

    System Information

    SoundFlow 5.2.2

    OS: darwin 21.6.0

    ProductName: macOS
    ProductVersion: 12.5
    BuildVersion: 21G72

    Steps to Reproduce

    1. I have mixed an entire album in 1 large PT session and want to bounce the songs (regular stereo mixes) from start marker to end marker
    2. I take the start snapshot, all fine
    3. I captute the range (start marker and end marker for song 1)
    4. I check all the settings
    5. I want to finalize the snapshot
    6. the snapshot crashed at 72% while rebuilding the edit screen view

    Expected Result

    it should work:)

    Actual Result

    it crashed


    I have not

    Other Notes

    I would but can't add a screenshot in here


    User UID: O4MLFlWYcSbpFCHUnAjMF851Ghz1

    Feedback Key: sffeedback:O4MLFlWYcSbpFCHUnAjMF851Ghz1:-NLajrJ3u0sVaG3z060-

    Feedback ZIP

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    1. cc @Andrew_Scheps

      Please be sure to check this article from Andrew:

      1. B
        In reply toBob_Briessinck:
        Bob Briessinck @Bob_Briessinck
          2023-01-12 16:31:07.197Z

          Here is where it stopped working twice. The first time I was typing something in the FB message app while waiting and I thought I had mistyped and jumped to the PT/BF window and caused the crash myself. The window was left with all tracks at a near minimum size so I reloaded the ptx file (without saving obviously) to start over, but the second time it crashed at the exact same point. The screenshot is from that second crash.

          What i'm basically trying to do is to automate the 'select marker start, select marker end, bounce... next song, select marker start, .....) process, so far not stem bouncing or solo/mute stuff yet.

          1. Andrew Scheps @Andrew_Scheps
              2023-01-12 17:08:52.227Z

              Hi @Bob_Briessinck ,

              BF will definitely do what you want, but I need some more info to see what’s going wrong. Please check the link Christian posted above and it should tell you how to send me the support files so I can check them.

              1. BBob Briessinck @Bob_Briessinck
                  2023-01-12 17:14:24.678Z

                  Thank you! I will take a look at this soon and will get back to you once I gathered all the info.

                  1. Andrew Scheps @Andrew_Scheps
                      2023-01-12 17:33:27.879Z

                      Also, please make sure you're on the latest version of Bounce Factory (when you click on the package you should see a button at the top that may or may not say update.